Mother grieves the death of 2-year-old son due to vaccine injuries

Tommy was born on September 28, 2012. In November of that same year, a mere two days after he got his vaccine shots — he was gone.

In a heartfelt letter shared online, Tommy’s mother, Suzanna Fuhri, detailed her anguish at her son’s untimely death, all because of unnecessary vaccines given to him during his check-up.

Both her daughters, born in 1994 and 1995, were given vaccines as babies, so Fuhri thought little of doing more research about them. She entrusted the doctor and everyone in his office with the health of her child; unfortunately, that trust turned out to be fatal.

Now, she wants everyone else, especially mothers like her, to know more about the dangers of vaccines that medical professionals often hide from the public. It might have been too late for little Tommy, but Fuhri believes that by sharing her story, she can still do something to help out all the other parents out there.


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